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Australian Rapper Aisha Fukushima Wants to Bring Politics Back to Rap

APR 3, 2014 – GreenLeft.org has a cool interview up about Australian rapper Aisha Fukushima, and it asks her about her new song, "RAPtivism" and how the song declares that she is "bringing politics back to rap". Aisha told GreenLeft, "For me, the term "bringing politics back to rap" illuminates that on one level, a lot of the major distribution of hip-hop music has edited out music that empowers people and encourages them to think critically. I think part of the role as rap activist is not necessarily having all the answers or even telling people what to think, but to raise thoughtful questions that can help further our collective journey towards social change." We at JTMP couldn't have put it more eloquently. Read more of the interview of Aisha on GreenLeft.org.au here. Listen to RAPtivism from Aisha below.


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