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JTMP Reminds Everyone: “Register to Vote For The November Election Now! Don’t Wait!!”

July 5, 2012 – Now that we have ate our hot dogs and watched the fireworks, JTMP wants to turn our attention towards the fall and remind our supporters to register to vote for this coming Presidential election today! Don't wait! There are many website that can help you with that, check them all put below; and tell 2 of your friends to register to vote, and tell them to register 2 voters….



Ted Nugent Punished for Illegal Bear Kill

APR 20, 2012 – Ted Nugent is in the news again, this time for shooting off his arrow rather than his mouth. In 2009 when he was filming his "Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild" show for the Outdoor Channel, he shot an arrow and wounded a bear, and didn't chase down the bear and assure the kill; which is very unethical to many hunters. He is entering a plea agreement with the Alaskan authorities, which reads that Nugent "failed to locate and harvest the wounded black bear". 4 days later Ted shot and killed a different black bear, and transported it off Alaska's Sukkwan Island. The problem is Alaska's bear season limit is 1, and the first bear Nugent shot is considered his first kill. Under a plea agreement he will plead guilty to one count of transporting an illegally hunted bear. 

"Uncle Ted" won't get any jail time, but he will have to do Public Service Announcement videos for a year emphasizing the importance of hunters being familiar with the regulations in the areas they hunt (can't wait to see those).  He will face a hefty fine ($10,000), be on probation for 2 years, and no hunting in Alaskan or US Forest Service lands for those 2 years. Ouch. Oh, and he got caught by the Lacey Act, which should drive conservatives crazy. They have been upset at that law since the Gibson Guitar plants were "raided" in 2011 by Federal officials for alleged illegally harvested wood from Madagascar. Read about Ted's trouble with Alaskan authorities on LATimes.com here.   (photo credit: Weatherman90/Wiki)

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