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"Paradise/Keystone Pipeline" by the Keystone Pipeline Kops Calls for Massive Protest and Petition Against Keystone XL Pipeline sticky icon

APR 2013 - To protest the Keystone XL Pipeline and Fracking, the Keystone Pipeline Kops have come together to say "Halt!" to the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline, and recorded John Prine's great classic, "Paradise", with the lyrics updated for the times. We wanted the song to connect the trips to the outdoors we had as a child, and how we came to love the outdoors and become environmental activists to protect the rivers and woodlands we love so much. Because of the inevitable oil spills and the loss of wildlife and woodlands, as well as our air and water being poisoned, this song calls for a massive protest against the Keystone XL Pipeline, against the Tar Sands development, and against the dirty practice of Fracking. Check out the song below, and sign the JTMP petition on calling on President Obama to stop the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. We are looking for 100,000 signatures, which we will then present to the White House, so please sign today! Also, start or join a discussion on this issue at our JTMP Facebook Site:

PARADISE/KEYSTONE PIPELINEClick the Gear Icon and watch in 720p or 1080p HD!

Clearwater Festival: Activist Music for the Hudson River - June 14-15, 2013

June 3, 2013 - The Clearwater Festival, a music and activism 2-day event that works on cleaning up and protecting the Hudson River, is all set for June 14-15, 2013 with a great line up of activist-musicians. Read more on JTMP Green.  (photo credit: Jim The Photographer on Flickr/CC)


JTMP Green: Organic Consumers Association start petition calling on Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) to resign over Monsanto Protection Act

MAY 20, 2013 - The Organics Consumers Association, citing conflict of interest and corruption, have started a petition calling on Senator Roy Blunt from Missouri to resign over the recently passed "Monsanto Protection Act". Read more on JTMP Green here.

JTMP Green: Pete Seeger to Play Milford Musicfest Against Fracking

APR 18, 2013 - Longtime musical-activist Pete Seeger has been announced as one of the over 200 performers playing at the Milford Musicfest, a music event that centers around music, activism and progressive policies such as sustainable energy and opposition to fracking and the Keystone XL Pipeline. Read more on JTMP Green here.  (photo credit: Anthony Pepitone/CC)

LED Bulbs Begin to Hit the Market


DEC 3, 2012 - LED light bulbs, which are the future, are now beginning to hit the market. There is still trouble finding them, I could not find any at Walmart, but Home Depot did have a few models. LED light bulbs are better than CFL (flourescent) for a number of reasons. Read more on JTMP Green here.

"Rise Up" hopes to inspire sustainability and respect for Mother Earth

MAY 14, 2012 - I wrote this a few years back, and decided to bring it out of mothballs when we had the BP oil disaster in the Gulf in 2010. I put the capo on the the second fret, updated the lyrics, and filmed the video shots at Great Falls Park, Maryland. The song is called, "Rise Up", and I hope it can help inspire more people to "Love our Mother", and support sustainability. Go Green!

Earth Day 2012 on the National Mall Music Videos on JTMP Green!

APR 25, 2012 - Musician activists performed at Earth Day 2012 on the National Mall here in DC last Sunday to promote a green and sustainable lifestyle. The Chad Hollister Band was there and had DC legend tenor sax player Ron Holloway blowin' sax for them. Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Dave Mason brought his guitar and great songs, along with Cheap Trick who played a few of their classics for the sparse but dedicated activists who braved the rain calling for better treatment of Mother Earth. JTMP asks our supporters to try and "Mobilize The Earth" and do one green act today. One can switch out and incandescent light bulb with an LED or a CFL, we can walk to the store today and bring a cloth bag. We all can do small things to try and be as green as possible.

Check out the music videos over on JTMP Green!

VIDEO - Emma's Revolution: "Occupy the USA"

OCT 20, 2011 - Local DC area activist musicians Pat Humphries and Sandy O, known as Emma's Revolution, recently wrote a song in support of Occupy Wall Street and the other movements that have sprung up in thousands of cities across America. The song is called "Occupy the USA", and you can check out the song in a video below, performing at a anti-Tar Sands rally in Washington DC on October 7, 2011.

Pedal Power NY Uses "Natural Ass" Energy to Power Musical Amps

Photo Credit: ©Simon Luethi

Pedal Power NYC, an organization "dedicated to capturing and repurposing human power with bicycles", held a first ever musical concert powered by humans on stationary bikes near the stage. On their website they say, "We provide the bicycles and the crew – you provide the Natural Ass! Let’s be honest, we’d rather power our stage with natural ass than natural gas."

The festival, NYC Celebrates Water Festival 2011, was held at Union Square and titled the "Natural Ass Sessions"; and featured 16 stationary bikes for people to pedal and provide the electricity for the amps for the musicians on stage. John Fox, maker of the great anti-fracking movie, "Gasland", showed up and helped out.

The Festival wants to assure that the safe tap water enjoyed by 8 million New Yorkers remains safe. Some of the musical performers were Vanessa Bley, Masa, and Gordon Voldwell. Also, environmental groups promoted sustainability, and an anti-fracking petition was passed around and got over 1,000 signatures. Watch a video of the practice sessions below, and to find out more information about Pedal Power NYC, please visit: and check out a great article with pictures about the event from a great local source over at

Off the Grid Rehersals - Powered by Natural Ass from Pedal Power NYC on Vimeo.


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