Paul Simon Sings at Teacher Victoria Soto's Funeral

DEC 20, 2012 - Paul Simon sang yesterday at the funeral yesterday of the heroic teacher who died trying to save her students in the Connecticut tragedy. Paul Simon knows the Soto family through his nurse sister-in-law, and during the middle of the service, Simon picked up his acoustic guitar and sang Victoria's favorite song, "The Sound of Silence". When he finished there was no applause, just sobs and hushed, reverent silence. Read more on the Daily Caller and also sign their petition to ban assault weapons here.

Ted Nugent sides with Bushmasters during our National Tragedy, is fired by Discovery Channel

DEC 18, 2012 - Ted Nugent, one of the leading Teabagger mouthpieces, Tweeted after the news broke of the national tragedy in Connecticut that "we take our kids huntin so we dont hafta hunt our kids", and has (no pun intended) stuck to his guns and continues to voraciously and vocally support the rights of Bushmasters to be in our communities, rather than side with the families who want to protect their children. reports that Discovery Channel announced they have canceled the "Ted Nugent's Gun Country" TV show, along with another unrelated show "American Guns". One wonders about the "Sons of Guns" TV gun show and it's future. I say we rethink this whole thing about these death machines being "entertainment". Hitler ruined the toothbrush mustache, and Lanza ruined assault weapons as "entertainment". Take up another hobby, do a different TV show. JTMP fully supports bringing back the assault weapons ban, closing the "gun show loophole", and other measures to make our communities safer and reduce the chance, even if slightly, of a tragedy like this one.

Massey Energy Executive Pleads Guilty to Violating Safety Laws and Lying to Government Inspectors

DEC 18, 2012 - A Massey Energy executive will plead guilty to 2 criminal counts of violating safety laws and lying to government officials, read more on JTMP Green here.
(photo credit

JTMP Mourns with Nation

DEC 18, 2012 - JTMP stands with the rest of America as we mourn the loss of life in the senseless tragedy in Connecticut. We ask for less negativity and violence in society, and for our political leaders to be "leaders" and enact public policy that can address this epidemic of shootings across our country. The first thing we can do is bring back the assault weapons ban, and stop the manufacture, transfer and sale of these military-type assault weapons that have a high rate of fire and ammunition and are not suited for home defense or hunting. Let's have less violence, and more common sense.

Ravi Shankar Passes Away at Age 92

DEC 12, 2012 - Ravi Shankar, one of the first musical activists of modern times, passed away on Tuesday at age 92. He, George Harrison, and other musicians put on "The Concert for Bangladesh", considered to be THE first "large-scale" activist musical concert ever and set the stage for future events like "Live Aid". Ravi introduced Eastern spiritualism to The Beatles, and became a teacher for George Harrison and other musicians who wanted to learn to play the sitar and learn the South Asian musical style. The huge event featured Ringo Starr, Billy Preston, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Leon Russel and the group Badfinger. Ravi and Ali Akbar Khan played a separate set of traditional South Asian music, all to raise awareness and funds for the victims of the 1970 Bhola cyclone, and atrocities inflicted upon eastern Pakistan refugees fleeing war. The concert was a huge success, and raised millions for a UNICEF fund. Help continues to this day through the George Harrison Fund for UNICEF. Read more about his long and eventful life on Wikipedia here.

Read more on Washington, especially the part about Ravi Shankar fleeing the Monterey Pop Festival when he saw Jimi Hendrix burn his guitar (Shankar thought it was "irreverent")  in a piece by Robert Thomason(Photo credit: CC/AIgnatenko)

Taylor Swift Donates Autographed Taylor Guitar for RFK Center Holiday Auction

DEC 10, 2012 - Taylor Swift has donated a beautiful signed Taylor guitar to the holiday auction being held to raise funds for the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights, an institution dedicated to helping those in oppressed communities, and carry on the work of the great Senator Robert F. Kennedy devoted his life to.

"Some men see things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?" - Robert F. Kennedy paraphrasing George Bernard Shaw

"To realize his dream of a more just and peaceful world, Robert Kennedy’s family and friends founded a living memorial in 1968. Today, the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights is one of the foremost international human rights organizations. In the tradition of Robert Kennedy, the RFK CENTER has forged effective collaborations with NGOs, universities, legal clinics, and the media on behalf of oppressed communities."

To check out the full size picture of this awesome guitar in full detail, click on 
READ MORE below, and check out other donated celebrity merchandise in this special holiday auction, such as a guitar from Johnny Cash and more, by checking out the website.

JTMP Joins "Americans Against Fracking"

DEC 10 - JTMP is excited to announce we have joined up with a great organization called "Americans Against Fracking", joing dozens of other organizations and millions of grassroots American activists dedicated to stopping the environmentally harmful practice of hydraulic fracturing for natural gas, or "fracking". We believe the practice of fracking poses an immediate threat to our natural resources, and we want to preserve our precious natural resources such as air, water, and land for future generations. Read more on JTMP Green here.

James Taylor "I was motivated by Bush..."

DEC 8, 2012 - James Taylor, who played at the DNC in Charlottesville, NC and was a HUGE supporter of President Barack Obama, held a luncheon at the National Press Club yesterday (DEC 7) here in DC and discussed what motivated him to go out and do all that stump work for Obama to try to get him re-elected. “I was hugely motivated … by eight years of Cheney-Bush," adding that he felt the Iraq war was, "unpardonable. I felt that it was inept, corrupt and opaque.” He called the conservative effort to restrict voting as a "solution without a problem", and cites the need for Republicans to work with the Democrats to help us solve our fiscal crisis. But Mr. Taylor does NOT think raising the eligibility age for Medicare, cutting Social Security or other social programs is the way to solve our crisis. "We may have to over the cliff." Read more on here, and also on here.  Thanks to C Larson on YouTube for the video below of James Taylor singing "Walking in a Winter Wonderland" at the National Christmas Tree lighting ceremony he was also in town for. (Photo credit: CC/Paul Keleher)

Supreme Court to Hear Prop 8 and Gay Marriage Cases

DEC 7, 2012 - The US Supreme Court has decided to take up 2 cases in the 2013 calendar concerning the issue of gay marriage. One case being Prop 8, the law passed in California banning gay marriage that we did a video about back in 2010 (watch below), where we tied the struggles of civil rights to the issue of gay marriage. The other case concerns a woman who was married to her partner in Canada, lived in a  state that gay marriage was legal, yet had to pay taxes after her partner of 42 years died; a tax she would not have to pay if her partner had been a man and the federal government would have recognized her marriage. Read more on here.

Ted Nugent: Suspend Voting Rights for Americans on Welfare

DEC 5, 2012 - In an editorial in the Washington Times, has-been musician and current conservative mouthpiece Ted Nugent calls for the revocation of an American's right to vote while they are "on welfare", yet graciously gives that right back if they "get off welfare". No mention if that covers corporate welfare, like oil corporation subsidies; JTMP is assuming that it doesn't. Nugent opined, "Let’s also stop the insanity by suspending the right to vote of any American who is on welfare. Once they get off welfare and are self-sustaining, they get their right to vote restored. No American on welfare should have the right to vote for tax increases on those Americans who are working and paying taxes to support them. That’s insane."

Nugent also says the path to prosperity and addressing the debt and deficit is to "slaughter the sacred cow of Social Security". Somebody must tell Ted that SS has nothing to do with the debt and deficit. Nugent wrote, "...we are never going to get our financial house in order until these sacred entitlement cows are not only poked, but slaughtered." Read the insane rant on Washington Times website here.


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