Kelly Clarkson "My Country 'tis of Thee" at Inauguration 2013

JAN 21, 2013 - Kelly Clarkson sang the full version of "My Country 'tis of Thee" at President Barack Obama's second inauguration, check out the video below.

James Taylor "America the Beautiful" Inauguration 2013

JAN 21, 2013 - James Taylor did an awesome version of "America the Beautiful" today at President Barack Obama's second inauguration, showing he still can do some of the best harmonies. Watch below.

Obama's daughters rock out with military kids, Usher and Katy Perry

JAN 21, 2013 - Yesterday, the day before the Presidential Inauguration, Sasha and Malia Obama rocked out with kids from military families, Katy Perry and Usher. The first lady Michelle Obama has been working hard to make sure the military families get the thanks and help they need and deserve. The concert was beamed to military bases around the country so military kids across the America could take part. Read more on Huff Po here.

HuffPo: Katy Perry and Usher Rock For Military Kids at Inaugural Ball

JAN 21, 2013 - The President and the first lady, Michelle Obama, held a concert for military kids at the Washington Convention Center yesterday. Katy Perry, Usher and more were there to rock for the kids of military families, who go through so much with their father or mother stationed overseas for long periods of time. See some pics and read more about the concert on HuffPo here. Check out a video clip from vnewsvevo on Youtube below.  (photo credit:HuffPo)


RawStory: Fracking debate draws Yoko Ono and son to rural battlegrounds


JAN 21, 2013 - Raw Story has a great post up about what JTMP blogged a few months back about, "Artists Against Fracking", and how Yoko and Sean Lennon are getting involved in the fight against fracking. Yoko comments in the article, “It’s not just for me, but for New York State and New York City as well. But also when we lose this game we’re losing not just for New York State but for the United States and for Britain. I’m getting letters from Britain saying, ‘Yoko, please do something, they’re starting to frack here.’” Read more on RawStory here. 
(photo credit: RawStory)

Taylor Swift Receives Ripple Award from RFK Center for Justice, and is #1 in Top 20 Celebs Gone Good

JAN 11, 2013 - Taylor Swift has been very active in the musical activist field, and she has been rewarded with all her great work with awards and recognition. On December 3, 2012, she was awarded the Ripple of Hope Award at the Robert F. Kennedy Center. The RFK Center hands out the award to individuals who "reflect Robert Kennedy's passion for equality, justice, basic human rights, and his belief that we all must strive to make gentle the life of this world." They held a huge gala, and she even performed Starlight for the crowd (see lyric video below of studio track). To read more about the event and see some pictures check out a cool website started by a fan called dedicated to showing all the activism and great charitable work she does.

Taylor Swift was also named #1 by in their Top 20 Celebs Gone Good contest recognizing charitable and positive activist work in the community.

Finally, Taylor got over 4 million votes to be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum, the most votes ever for an artist. To check out some pictures of her Treasures From The World Tour exhibit, click HERE. JTMP wants to applaud Taylor's awesome work she is doing, and congratulate her on all her success; she deserves it! You go girl!

Ted Nugent Compares Gun Nuts to Rosa Parks

JAN 9, 2013 - Has-been musician and Teabagger mouthpiece Ted Nugent gave an interview on World Net Daily, and said that gun nuts, er...I mean gun owners "will be the Rosa Parks", outrageously comparing Americans who must fill out a form and undergo a background check and other regulations that will probably be implemented by the Obama administration to the plight African-Americans went through to secure their civil rights. He insanely said, "There will come a time when the gun owners of America, the law-abiding gun owners of America, will be the Rosa Parks and we will sit down on the front seat of the bus, case closed." He and many conservatives are insanely asserting that President Obama is planning to confiscate all weapons, and says that the law enforcement won't allow it. He also brain farted, “The media and the government is hell-bent on convincing that water is dry and we should all reconsider our conclusions about the dampness of H20. These people are out of their cotton-picking minds, and they scare Americans who are committed to logic, truth and common-sense, and real solutions instead of the insanity that I witness from our government and media. If you were attempting to write an offensive script to a new ‘Planet of the Apes’ movie, I couldn’t come up with a dumber and [more] unbelievable insanity than our government and our media is perpetrating on the American public". Read more on WorldNetDaily here.

Adrienne Young Lent Her Song For Wildlife Preservation

JAN 8, 2013 - Country-folk artist Adrienne Young made a PSA music video from her song, "Hills and Hollers" 4 years ago to show support for the Virginia Wildlife Action Plan to help protect and preserve wildlife from over-development, and she asks that people be aware of wildlife, and the need to protect it for future generations. Like she says, once we destroy it, we can't get it back. Check out the cool song and PSA below. (photo credit: CC/Artaxerxes)

Selena Gomez and other artists "Demand A Plan" to stop gun violence

JAN 8, 2013 - A group of artists have made a PSA for a new organization formed after the Newtown tragedy to try and help stop gun violence. The new organization is called "Demand A Plan" and demand our leaders find a way to stop gun violence that has been plaguing our country. Their 3 main demands are background checks for every gun purchase, a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines; and finally they want to make it a federal crime to sell guns across state lines and go after "straw purchasers" that buy guns and then sell them illegally in another state. Watch the PSA below, and check out their website to sign their petition that demands a plan from a leaders to lead us away from gun violence.

Cael 8 Sings for "the unfortunate children"

JAN 3, 2013 - Musical activist Cael 8 sent us a great music video called "Ohhhhh" he wrote for "the unfortunate children, the battered children..." and speaks out against childhood abuse and violence and says in the song, "Remember when you was a child...Watching others in the farmyard, Violence which didn't look so hard". He wrote the music and plays all the instruments, check the video out below, and don't forget to "Like It"!


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