New Republic: Why do so many Washington, DC Wonks play in bands?

APR 29, 2013 - Michael Smith from the New Republic has a cool article out about that many Washington, DC politico wonks are musicians and play in bands on the weekends frequently. He writes about how many people who by day work in the many think tanks and government agencies in Washington, DC moonlight on the weekends in bands at local venues. One of the many musician wonks that play music on the side is Pulitzer Prize winning political cartoonist Tom Toles who plays drums in 2 different bands. Read the entire article on the New Republic website here.

US Magazine: Natalie Maines: "It's not a thing I wanted to be right about."

APR 29, 2013 - US magazine has an exclusive interview with Natalie Maines from the Dixie Chicks, and she doesn't regret slamming George W. Bush, and she turned out to be totally right. She of course was attacked by reactionaries in 2003 when she commented at a London concert that she was "embarrassed" that George W. Bush was from her home state of Texas. The group was dropped by many country radio stations, and she comments how she is upset at country radio and how they didn't support them when they exercised their freedom of speech. She is coming out with a solo project that is not country, yet she says she is not doing it because she is upset at the country music industry. Natalie added that "'s not a thing I wanted to be right about. It's not a good 'I told you so' with all those people losing their lives." Read the entire interview on the US magazine website here.  (photo credit: Ron Baker/CC)

Jello Biafra: "Obama Owes Obama Big Time"

APR 26 2013 - Former member of the Dead Kennedys and musical-activist Jello Biafra is featured in an interview on the Guardian website, and weighs in on Occupy, Obama and social networking, and says, "I think that anyone who declared that Occupy was a failure was very much mistaken. I knew it would have a ripple effect, like throwing a big piece of concrete into a lake and just watching the waves ripple. In a way, Obama owes Occupy big time for saving his ass in the 2012 election. Occupy brought the issue of inequality and Grand Theft Austerity, as I call it, right to the forefront." Read the whole interview on Guardian here.  (photo credit: Catherine Anderson)

Richie Havens Passes

APR 22, 2012 - In very sad news to report, the very early activist-musician Richie Havens has passed away at the age of 72. He was best known for his unique guitar playing, and his awesome 3-hour opening performance at Woodstock. Read more about him on his Wikipedia Bio here, read more on here, and watch a performance of Richie Havens doing "Freedom" at Woodstock in a YouTube video from artrock3D below.  (photo credit: Phil Konstantin/CC)

Yoko Ono: "Let's Give Clean Water a Chance"

APR 22, 2013 - Yoko Ono has been hard at work in the anti-fracking activist world recently. She formed "Artists Against Fracking", which JTMP is proud to be a part of; and now Yoko has written a post for HuffPo and is saying, "Let's Give Clean Water a Chance". Using a variation of her and her husband's "Give Peace a Chance" slogan, she has written a blog abut the recent Riverkeeper's Fisherman's Ball and to protest fracking:

Yoko Ono: "I was proud to be a part of the gathering of hundreds of clean water supporters at the recent Riverkeeper's Fishermen's Ball...It was a true celebration of the power of the grassroots movement for clean water and sustainable energy. People all over New York have channeled that understanding into action. Because of this grassroots resurgence, we have seen amazing things transpire. And it is not about to stop...The anti-fracking movement is an organic one, driven by people's experiences and valid concerns about having a harmful and contaminating practice invade their land, homes and communities. For me, it started when gas companies visited my town in upstate New York to pitch a natural gas pipeline that would provide infrastructure for future fracking...I did not want to see my land destroyed."

Don't forget about JTMP Green here, and check out some awesome pics of Yoko with RFK Jr. and more, and read the entire post on HuffPo here.

Musicians Tweet Out Support For Boston

APR 22, 2013 - Many musicians have showed their support for Boston following the tragedy there. Many musicians Tweeted out their support such as Miley Cyrus Tweeting, "Sending peace and many blessings to Boston", or Pink Tweeting, "Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by the explosions in Boston" and Kelsie Kimberlin also joined in the support and Tweeted, "Catching up. My heart goes out to Boston and all those affected. Peace and love are the answer." The Dropkick Murphys Tweeted, "Boston your in our prayers in safe everyone! Unbelievable.", and one of my favorite bands that are from Boston the Pixies Tweeted, "BOSTON, we are with you." Read more Tweets from musicians supporting Boston after the tragedy there on here, and also on Rolling Stone here.

Paul McCartney, Gloria Estefan and Josh Groban make message supporting background checks for gun purchases

APR 18, 2013 - Sir Paul McCartney, Gloria Estefan, and Josh Groban are just a few artists lending their voices to the "Voices Against Violence", an organization formed to help prevent gun violence, and they organized and mobilized voters during the recent legislation efforts to expand background checks. They had a text campaign which had Paul McCartney telling anyone texting "MYVOICE" to 877877 that they will be connected to their senate office, and to make their voice heard for gun safety. Check out the website here, read more about it on CNN here, where you can read the Tweet from Tony Bennett vowing to press on with the fight for gun safety legislation.  (photo credit Oli Gill/CC)

JTMP Green: Pete Seeger to Play Milford Musicfest Against Fracking

APR 18, 2013 - Longtime musical-activist Pete Seeger has been announced as one of the over 200 performers playing at the Milford Musicfest, a music event that centers around music, activism and progressive policies such as sustainable energy and opposition to fracking and the Keystone XL Pipeline. Read more on JTMP Green here.  (photo credit: Anthony Pepitone/CC)

RS: Roger Waters Reconsidering Israel Boycott Stance

APR 17, 2013 - Rolling Stone has an interview of Roger Waters out, and in it he discusses that he is mulling over the possibility of ceasing his Israeli boycott stance, and has written a open letter to musicians saying that they should reconsider their Israeli boycott stance also. The Israeli Boycott by musicians is very popular, and is in response to the illegal settlements and the way Palestinians are treated by the IDF. Waters says that the illegal settlements are "an impregnable obstacle to peace", and he is "thinking all of this through extremely carefully" but he cares more about the outcome, which he hopes is peace in the region. He says he wants a "solution to the Palestinian refugee problem, and end to the occupation, security and right to lead a decent life for all citizens of Israel." Read more and see the video interview on here.  (photo credit: Eddie Berman/CC)

Garrett Walker: "No songs about pickup trucks, I write about what matters most"

Garrett Walker is an activist-musician out of Nashville who plays great music, but also tries to be a good person. He says when he is not on stage he is out amongst the "homeless people singing songs". Check out a small excerpt of his "Profile" from his SoundCloud site below, and then under that check out a video of the great song called "My Father's Gun".

Garrett says, "I am an artist through and through. I am a left handed illustrator, designer that writes, creates and sings. I believe in God, Jesus and that the Holy Spirit stays with me every second of every day I live. I always make it a deliberate effort to do the right thing. I find myself helping others more than I should, especially when it comes to those less fortunate. A lot of times on a Friday and/or Saturday night, instead of finding me singing at a bar or event, I can be found sitting around a bunch of homeless people singing songs and just talking about life. I do my best to make sure others know that Jesus loves them, but I do not "Pound the Bible".

No one on this earth is better than I am, and I am no better than anyone else. I don't understand the term "illegal alien". We are ALL God's children and our land is not ours, it is GOD'S! Politics do not concern me, but you do. I may forget what you say or what you do, but I will never forget how you make me feel.

I am extremely sensitive, almost too sensitive. We can never take back a first impression, so I try to make mine a good one. I pray every day for others and my heart truly hurts for those in pain. I believe anger is a choice and that madness starts with sadness. I do write music, but have no songs about Pick-up Trucks, Tractors or my dog. I do have two songs about mama. (I am a Mama's Boy, and damned proud of it). I primarily write about what matters most. Ballplayers make way too much money, I hate guns, I cannot stand people that talk only about themselves." - Garrett Walker

Check out more of Garrett's music at his YouTube, Facebook and MySpace sites:


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