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Various Artists: N.E.D.A

APR 25, 2012 - This video was sent to us by A Poet Nomad Ali, who played Neda's brother in the new riveting film, "I Am Neda" from Persepolis Pictures. Poet told JTMP that he "brought together a live orchestra, and around the time that Neda lost her life, long before I was cast for the part as her brother in the film. We wrote, recorded and shot this video in her honor". Watch the video below.

Also, he sent us this video about the "Green Movement" in Iran called "Last of the Warriors". Poet talked to JTMP about this song and said, “Although this song's poetic tone overshadows some of the political under currents of the entire video and the track, it is saying so much through the music video and symbolism and was written circa the time of the green movement.” Watch it below.

Iran Freedom Rally June 12 2010

Mobile Banner Campaign In Support Of Iranian Freedom At Rally

Rally Marks One Year Mark Of Fraudulent Elections