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Various Artists: N.E.D.A

APR 25, 2012 - This video was sent to us by A Poet Nomad Ali, who played Neda's brother in the new riveting film, "I Am Neda" from Persepolis Pictures. Poet told JTMP that he "brought together a live orchestra, and around the time that Neda lost her life, long before I was cast for the part as her brother in the film. We wrote, recorded and shot this video in her honor". Watch the video below.

Also, he sent us this video about the "Green Movement" in Iran called "Last of the Warriors". Poet talked to JTMP about this song and said, “Although this song's poetic tone overshadows some of the political under currents of the entire video and the track, it is saying so much through the music video and symbolism and was written circa the time of the green movement.” Watch it below.

JTMP Re-Releases "Flowers For Your Guns" in Honor of "I Am Neda"

Justice Through Music Project and Op-Critical did this back in 2009, and we thought we would re-release it in honor of the powerful film "I Am Neda" coming out, and the film winning so many awards. It's called, "Flowers For Your Guns".

A Poet Nomad Ali stars in new film "I Am Neda" screening April 27 at Beverly Hills Film Festival

APR 20, 2012 - LA based rapper, musician and now actor, A Poet Nomad Ali, who describes himself as "a student in life" will be starring in the new film, "I Am Neda" which will have a screening on April 27. Poet is also doing a charity show for a organization that is just starting up called KIDS, (Kindness Inspiring Dreams and Smiles), where on their Facebook page they say their mission is, "To comfort, encourage and serve children by providing enriching and inspiration activities, with the objective of motivating, encouraging, inspiring and improving their outlook and quality of life during their hospital stay by providing financial assistance."

Check out the trailer/preview of the movie "I Am Neda" below. The film has been nominated as short film finalist in the Beverly Hills Film Festival, and a screening will take place on Apirl 27th.

Iranian rappers sing for people of Homs in Syria

FEB 20, 2012 - JTMP ran across this video of Iranian rappers singing for the people of Homs in Syria. This song says it is produced by Emad Ghavidel and Hamed Fard for people of Homs in Syria. The video maker posted, “I have decided to put English subs on it and upload it here as a gesture of support for Syrians who fight for their freedom.” Watch the video and check out Emad's Facebook page:

Iranian Band Abjeez Promotes Iranian Freedom From Afar

FEB 13, 2012 - Melody and Safoura Safavi are a musical sister band called "Ajeez", who were born in Iran but live in Swedeen and New York, for in Iran the music and especially women playing music are strictly forbidden. Also, they delve into politics and use their music to help spread freedom in Iran from afar. Safouri does not really want to be strictly a political band, but she told the Washington Post, "Being an Iranian you have no choice but to be political, and being outside of Iran, it's our duty to speak up." Check out a video below of one of their songs, and check out a great article and interview on WashPo here.

Iranian political prisoners receive HR awards from ICHR


December 15, 2011. Toronto-Canada:  The International Center for Human Rights (ICHR) announced today that Mr. Heshmatollah Tabarzadi, Iranian political leader and prisoner, is receiving a prestigious human rights award from ICHR for his human rights activities. Five other prisoners also won the awards in the realms of student, labour, culture, human rights and legal advocacy.  The International Center for Human Rights presented the human rights awards to prominent activists on behalf of the award winners at its first annual gala on Sunday December 11, 2011.

“Winners of the 2011 awards are among activists who have made significant efforts to resist dictatorship and injustice,” said Hassan Zarezadeh Ardeshir, ICHR’s director. “The selection process was not easy when there are many prominent Iranian activists currently behind bars. However, the ICHR eight member selection team narrowed down the list of nominees to five names who received glass awards and one name who won the crystal award along with cash prize.”


SOCIARTS: Persian Musician Mohsen Namjoo To Play Live Unplugged Concert in Portland on June 25

 SOCIARTS and the Iranian Student Association of Portland is holding a musical concert on June 25, and will be featuring the Persian musician Mohsen Namjoo. Mohsen's music has been described as "folk" by some people, and has been speaking out about the "Iranian Green Movement", and is often described as the "Bob Dylan of Iran".  He often appears at public functions dealing with Iran and the struggle by the Iranian people to bring freedom to their country. Mohsen had to flee Iran himself, for the security forces in Iran suppress musicians and free speech, and he feared arrest for speaking out through his music.

For more information, please go here:

The event is also coordinated with SOCIARTS, a great non-profit organization that is a production company and online community dedicated to socially conscious artists to promote positive social change through the arts and media. SOCIARTS’ mission is to create a vibrant environment for creative visionaries to come together and focus on conscious creativity and positive activism, while encouraging openness to the diversity of the world's cultures. Membership with SOCIARTS is free and open to anyone and everyone.

For more information visit:

JTMP attended a Democracy Award Ceremony in Washington, DC on June 10, 2010, where Mohsen performed, and the video is below. The award was given to the Iranian people, for their Green Movement, by the National Endowment For Democracy. The instrument being played is a Setar (pronounced seh-tar), and has 3 strings. The "Seh" is Persian for "three", and "tar" means "string".