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JTMP Re-Releases "Flowers For Your Guns" in Honor of "I Am Neda"

Justice Through Music Project and Op-Critical did this back in 2009, and we thought we would re-release it in honor of the powerful film "I Am Neda" coming out, and the film winning so many awards. It's called, "Flowers For Your Guns".

Iranian Band Abjeez Promotes Iranian Freedom From Afar

FEB 13, 2012 - Melody and Safoura Safavi are a musical sister band called "Ajeez", who were born in Iran but live in Swedeen and New York, for in Iran the music and especially women playing music are strictly forbidden. Also, they delve into politics and use their music to help spread freedom in Iran from afar. Safouri does not really want to be strictly a political band, but she told the Washington Post, "Being an Iranian you have no choice but to be political, and being outside of Iran, it's our duty to speak up." Check out a video below of one of their songs, and check out a great article and interview on WashPo here.

Iranian political prisoners receive HR awards from ICHR


December 15, 2011. Toronto-Canada:  The International Center for Human Rights (ICHR) announced today that Mr. Heshmatollah Tabarzadi, Iranian political leader and prisoner, is receiving a prestigious human rights award from ICHR for his human rights activities. Five other prisoners also won the awards in the realms of student, labour, culture, human rights and legal advocacy.  The International Center for Human Rights presented the human rights awards to prominent activists on behalf of the award winners at its first annual gala on Sunday December 11, 2011.

“Winners of the 2011 awards are among activists who have made significant efforts to resist dictatorship and injustice,” said Hassan Zarezadeh Ardeshir, ICHR’s director. “The selection process was not easy when there are many prominent Iranian activists currently behind bars. However, the ICHR eight member selection team narrowed down the list of nominees to five names who received glass awards and one name who won the crystal award along with cash prize.”


PRESS RELEASE: Justice Through Music Calls On Iran To Release American Hikers

Iran Using Hikers As Political Pawns

09.18.2011– Washington, DC -- On September 14, 2011, Justice Through Music,, a national non profit that supports political prisoners worldwide, wrote a letter to Iranian President Ahmadinejad calling for the immediate release of American hikers Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal who have been held in Iranian prison for more than two years. Last month, the two were convicted and sentenced to eight year terms for supposedly straying into Iranian territory while hiking in the mountains surrounding Iran.

Losing your Cool: the Precarious Nature of the Iranian Presidency

-By Dena S. Behi

June 24, 2011- Admittedly, I couldn’t resist the urge to chuckle when I heard that Iran’s President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, refused to attend meetings of the Majlis (the Iranian parliament) in April of this year. This 10-day temper tantrum was in direct response to the Supreme Leader’s veto of the President’s dismissal of the Intelligence Minister, Heydar Moslehi, earlier that month, not to mention a few, albeit major, hiccups since the disputed presidential election in 2009. Ahmadinejad has an uncanny ability to laugh off critical attacks from the international community regarding human rights, nuclear power and oil prices. So why, now that all eyes are on the Middle East, has Ahmadinejad decided to lose his cool?

SOCIARTS: Persian Musician Mohsen Namjoo To Play Live Unplugged Concert in Portland on June 25

 SOCIARTS and the Iranian Student Association of Portland is holding a musical concert on June 25, and will be featuring the Persian musician Mohsen Namjoo. Mohsen's music has been described as "folk" by some people, and has been speaking out about the "Iranian Green Movement", and is often described as the "Bob Dylan of Iran".  He often appears at public functions dealing with Iran and the struggle by the Iranian people to bring freedom to their country. Mohsen had to flee Iran himself, for the security forces in Iran suppress musicians and free speech, and he feared arrest for speaking out through his music.

For more information, please go here:

The event is also coordinated with SOCIARTS, a great non-profit organization that is a production company and online community dedicated to socially conscious artists to promote positive social change through the arts and media. SOCIARTS’ mission is to create a vibrant environment for creative visionaries to come together and focus on conscious creativity and positive activism, while encouraging openness to the diversity of the world's cultures. Membership with SOCIARTS is free and open to anyone and everyone.

For more information visit:

JTMP attended a Democracy Award Ceremony in Washington, DC on June 10, 2010, where Mohsen performed, and the video is below. The award was given to the Iranian people, for their Green Movement, by the National Endowment For Democracy. The instrument being played is a Setar (pronounced seh-tar), and has 3 strings. The "Seh" is Persian for "three", and "tar" means "string".


"PARAZIT" Beams In Satire

January 24, 2011- Kambiz Hosseini and Saman Arbabi, Iranian expatriates living in Washington, DC, have put together a funny and satirical television show called "Parazit" (Persian for "static") beamed into Iran via satellites and the Internet. Their weekly half-hour Persian-language satirical television show is broadcast on Voice of America's Persian News Network, and was inspired by The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and is very popular in Iran. They speak about political figures and issues, something that is not allowed in Iran, and they are trying to help to spread free speech and free thought in Iran.

Click HERE for their website.

Jailed Blogger Freed on $500,000 Bail

September 13, 2010- Jailed Iranian blogger and human rights activist Shiva Nazar Ahari has been released on $500,000 bond. She is awaiting sentencing following her trial on September 4th, but for the present she is free after 266 days in prison.

In her September 4th trial she faced charges of  “assembly and collusion to commit a crime”, “propaganda against the regime”, “disrupting the public order”,  and most seriously, “moharebeh” (enmity with God), which carries a possible death sentence. The trial took place in branch 26 of the Revolutionary Court with presiding judge Pir-Abassi.

Worldwide protests have been staged calling for her release.

Iraninan Protesters Demand the Release of Shiva Nazar Ahari

September 3rd, 2010- On the eve of Shiva Nazar Ahari's trial, in which she potentially faces the death penalty, Iranian-American protesters gathered outside the Iranian Interests Section in Washington DC. On the previous day, representatives of the Iranian Government refused to accept a petition from the protesters demanding Shiva's release.

For more on Shiva's case click HERE 

Iran Freedom Rally June 12 2010

Mobile Banner Campaign In Support Of Iranian Freedom At Rally

Rally Marks One Year Mark Of Fraudulent Elections

Boobquake and Brainquake: Why Not Both?

-By Melody Moezzi, April 26th, 2010

Last week, Iranian cleric Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi–Tehran’s Friday Prayer leader–shook the patience of women worldwide by claiming that promiscuous and immodest women were responsible for earthquakes. Yes, you read that right.

I wish I could say that his absurd statement surprised me as much as it did countless others, but as an Iranian American woman who is all too familiar with the words and ways of misguided mullahs, I can’t say that I have an ounce of surprise left in me for Sedighi’s dim-witted declaration. I was, however, pleasantly surprised by two creative responses to his comments. One from an imaginative Indiana-based blogger Jen McCreight , who also calls herself Blag Hag, and another by an ingenious pair of professors–Golbarg Bashi , an Iranian studies professor at Rutgers University, and Negar Mottahedeh, a film, literature and women’s studies professor at Duke University.