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800,000 Signatures Delivered to US Senate Opposing Keystone XL Pipeline Project

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FEB 15, 2012 - Yesterday opponents of the Keystone XL Pipeline project led an Internet drive of grassroots activism and pressure with the goal of sending half a million messages to the US Senate in 24 hours. Over 30 organizations and businesses were involved, and it was wildly successful, with over 800,000 signatures and messages being delivered to the Senate. The Republicans in the Senate were attempting to straddle the transportation bill with an amendment that would reverse President Obama's decision to halt the project for more environmental impact studies. This led to an surge in online activism, quickly going viral and gaining steam. led the charge, starting with Bill McKibben on The Colbert Report on Monday night, to the founder of Twitter Evan Williams joining on. Read more on's website here, and check out Bill McKibben on The Colbert Report below.

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Ultra-Efficient Gas Engine Passes Test

A startup company in California has created a ultra-efficient gas engine which increases gas mileage by as much as 50 percent, getting 64 MPG, which is even more than the hybrid Prius which gets an average of 48 MPG. Mike Rocke, the company's vice-president, says the key is heating and pressurizing gasoline before injecting it into the combustion chamber puts it into a superficial state that allows for very fast and clean combustion, which in turn decreases the amount of fuel needed to propel a vehicle. The company also treats the gasoline with a catalyst that "activates" it, partially oxidizing it to enhance combustion.