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"Greenest State of the World" Vatican to Hold Workshop on Sustainable Living

APR 28, 2014 - The Pontifical Academy of Sciences will be holding a 5 day workshop on examining the impact humans have had on nature and exploring ways humans can live in a more sustainable manner. Are humanity's dealings with Nature sustainable? What is the status of the Human Person in a world where science predominates? This is exciting that such a huge entity is getting behind the sustainable movement, and should be applauded. The Vatican is actually very green, and they plan on building Europe's largest solar power plant and was named "Greenest State of the World" by Inhabitat. Dr. Jeffrey Sachs of the Earth Institute will be attending along with many others. Read a great article about the whole workshop on the Vatican's website.

Emergency Nationwide Vigils to Protest Keystone XL

FEB 3, 2014 - President Obama now has the industry fabricated US State Department report on the environmental impact of the Keystone XL Pipeline, which lies and says the impact will be "minimal" (who's "minimum" are they using?), and the environmental activist community holds its collective breath while it awaits President Obama's decison which will come in the next three months. Code Pink, and tons of other environmental protection organizations and activists are spanning out across North America tonight to start the Nationwide Vigils to Protest Keystone XL

We urge our supporters to make your voice heard and attend one of the vigils, and also we would like to point out that the State Department is taking comments from the public from Feb. 5, 2014 to March 7, 2014, so please if you want to make a difference and stop the Keystone XL Pipeline, take a few minutes and participate and leave a comment on the website or write a letter to the State Department. Then sign JTMP's petition to President Barack Obama calling on him to stop the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Hemp Used For Sustainable Housing

JAN 10, 2014 - Scotland has begun a sustainable housing project, and the main building material they will use is hemp. No, not your stash of Master Kush, but the industrial fiber cousin of marijuana, hemp. Hemp has been used for thousands of years as paper, rope, clothing and more; and was even used by the American government during World War II when the raw materials for textiles dried up. The sustainable material houses in Scotland will be built of a prefabricated wall system called Hembuild, it is also called Hemcrete, which is a mixture of the woody core from the hemp plant and a lime-based binder. Read more on here.

Ford Introduces Solar-Powered Hybrid Concept Car

JAN 2, 2014 - Happy New Year everyone, and to start off 2014 I thought I would share an amzing story I ran across. Ford is introducing a solar-powered concept car called the "Solar Energi" at the Consumer Electronics Show on January 7, 2014 in Las Vegas. This line is actually an extension of their C-Max Energi car line of hybrid cars, and if it goes well it will go into mass production. It will have a range of 620 miles, including 21 electic only miles. The solar cells also shift position throughout the day to maximize charging. Read about the cool concept car on  (photo credit: Ford via

Boston Globe: Wind Power Now Competitive With Conventional Sources

SEP 25, 2013 - Erin Ailworth of Boston Globe is reporting that Massachusett's utilities have just signed a contract to purchase wind-generated electricity, and the prices will be much lower than conventional sources such as coal. The price of wind-generated energy is now very competitive, and Massachusett's customers will save 75 cents on every dollar. The wind will be generated on wind farms in Maine and New Hampshire, and utilities National Grid, Northeast Utilities, and Unitil Corp. will be purchasing up to 565 megawatts of power. This is truly great news and a "wow" moment. Read more on here.  (photo credit: Leaflet/CC)

Coalition for Smarter Growth Has Walking Tours in DC Area Showcasing "Smart Growth"

AUG 29, 2013 - Coalition for Smarter Growth, a great organization dedicated to sustainability and getting people out of their cars, is having "walking tours" showing how finally there is "smart growth" in urban areas where once it had been too car-centered and not respecting water runoff ramifications. For instance, in Tysons Corner, Virginia, so much ground was paved over that the roots of trees weren't filtering the water; and as a result the Chesapeake Bay gets polluted and silty. Also, no matter what people wanted to do in the area they HAD to use their car, and even going three blocks took 30 minutes. Now, there has been smarter planning to provide for correct water runoff, and more sidewalks and areas for pedestrians to walk. Check out this tour and others in the DC area, and check out the smart growth that has been happening in our area! 

Please visit for more information.


Book "Energy" Details Energy Predicament, Problems and Solutions

AUG 26, 2013 - JTMP has been wroking hard with Americans Against and others to fight Fracking, and this gave us a chance to check out the great new book "Energy" this weekend put out by the Post Carbon Institute and Watershed Media; and we are impressed by this coffee-table tome. The pictures are breathtaking and stunning, and the format and content of the book is top-notch and keeps you engaged and enraged; yet the writers do take the time to point towards a better future for us and the Earth when it comes to our energy needs.

The book cover is a horrific picture of the  burning and sinking Deepwater Horizon oil drilling platform that resulted in the great tragedy of the BP Gulf Oil Spill in 2011, and reminds us of the oil-addicted path we have charted and is causing so much destruction to our planet. It starts off with 25 pages of awe-inspiring high-resolution pictures that tell the state of things when it comes to energy extraction and the use of it, and how it is destroying the lands we live on as well as poisoning the air we breathe and the water we drink. In the next 4 parts, with various pieces from several writers, the book lays out the predicament we are in, what energy sources we are tapping into, the false solutions offered by the establishment and the energy companies, and calls out the unfortunate amount of wilderness that is under attack due to our insatiable appetite for energy and this unsustainable path we are on.

The book concludes with an optimist message, and how we can "depower destruction", and offers positive outlooks and solutions by several writers. It also talks about what they are "for" not just what they are against and end the book beautifully with this:

"What we're for is leaving behind the current energy economy, which is wasteful, polluting and centralized; assumes perpetual growth; and is anchored by nonrewable fuels. We envision a bold leaptoward an energy economy that fosters beauty and health; that is resilient because it emphasizes renewable, community-scale energy generation, that supports durable economies, not growth; and that is informed by nature's wisdom."

"Recognizing that all human econmic activity is a subject of nature's econmony and must not degrade ots vitality is the starting point for systemic transformation of the energy system. While such a transition may seem daunting, reforms may be implemented incrementally, and the destination offers exciting possiblities for building vibrant human communities embedded in healthy ecosystems."

JTMP reminds you that Fracking is a local state issue, and urges you to contact your state delegates, senators and your governor and tell them you want to turn away from this unsustainable carbon-based energy path we are on, and you want a brighter and better future for the Earth and our grandkids and you say NO TO FRACKING. If you are interested in the book "Energy", check out the book's page here, check out the Post Carbon Institute webpage here, check out pics of the book in higher resolution and leave a comment on the Justice Through Music Facebook page here. Calls on Obama to Ban Fracking On Public Lands Nationwide

AUG 24, 2013 - and tons of other groups held nationwide protests and rallies this week calling on President Barack Obama to ban the environmentally harmful practice of "Fracking", or hydraulic fracturing, on public lands across the nation. President Obama has unfortunately increased the licensing for drilling for natural gas on these public lands, nearly doubling it from 2010 to 2012. Fracking for natural gas releases methane, and methane is "at least 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas", and scientists have started calling Fracking a "gangplank to a warm future".

JTMP joins and all the organizations and activists in urging you to pressure President Barack Obama to ban Fracking nationwide. Please share this picture on Facebook, and be sure to stop by an "Like" our Justice Through Music Facebook Page and leave a comment!

14-year-old Girl Mops the Floor With Bully TV Host Over GMO Food

August 11, 2013 - For everyone concerned with GMO food, you must see this video. 14-year-old Rachel Parent debates the harmful practice of genetically modifying our food into Frankenfood with the bully TV host Kevin O'Leary, and mops the floor with him and demolishes his argument. Must see! Watch below, and start a conversation or leave a comment on our Justice Through Music Facebook Page.

Organic Consumers Association start petition calling on Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) to resign over Monsanto Protection Act

MAY 20, 2013 - The Organics Consumers Association, citing conflict of interest and corruption, have started a petition calling on Senator Roy Blunt from Missouri to resign over the recently passed "Monsanto Protection Act". They cite strong connections between the Senator and Monsanto, who is headquartered in the Senator's home state, and they also state Blunt's investments in his biotech firm have been rewarded handsomely after he helped pass the "The Monsanto Protection Act" (aka the "Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act 2013). They also detail how Senator Blunt has taken bribes, I mean contributions, from Monsanto throughtout the years. Blunt took in over $240,000 in bribes from Monsanto in 2010 alone. The Organic Consumers Association posted on their website, "Aptly renamed the Monsanto Protection Act, it’s a sneaky rider that strips federal courts of their power to stop Monsanto from planting unproven, potentially dangerous crops." JTMP urges our supporters to tell their public officials to protect small farmers and consumers, and to undo "The Monsanto Protection Act" with new legislation written with The People in mind, NOT Monsanto and other agricorp businesses.

Click here to read the full Organic Consumers Association petition and to sign on!