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Russians Seize Greenpeace Ship Protesting Arctic Oil Drilling Rig - Sign Petition For Putin To Release Crew

(Picture: Crew of Greenpeace's ship "Arctic Sunrise" - Credit:

SEP 21, 2013 - Paul Watson left Greenpeace because they were too wimpy for him, but his popular new show "Whale Wars" might be having an effect and pressuring Greenpeace to ramp up their efforts. The Russians are starting to build oil drilling rig platforms in the Barents Sea for the first time, and it is threatening the biosystem and wildlife in the area; so Greenpeace launched a protest campaign against this drilling. Last Wednesday, Greenpeace activists attempted to board the Gazprom's Prirazlomnaya drilling rig to shut it down; soldiers fired at them and they were unsuccessful. The next day the Russians fired shots across the bow of their ship, the Arctic Sunrise, and then boarded it with Russian internal security service soldiers (the FSB) and seized control of the Greenpeace ship. They detained all the crew in the galley, and detained the captain on the bridge. The Russian foreign minister excused his government's behaviour by accusing the activists of "aggressive and provocative behaviour", and the ship is being taken back to the Russian port of Murmansk. Greenpeace is calling on Russian President Vladimir Putin to release the ship and the more than 20 crew members; so far he has not. Read more on here, and also check out the Greenpeace website on the incident and sign the petition calling on President Putin to release the hostages now.


Neil Young Compares Oil Sands Devastation to Hiroshima After Atomic Bomb

SEPT 12, 2013 - During a stop in Washington, D.C. for the National Farmers Union conference, rocker Neil Young commented on the devastated conditions of the Alberta town Fort McMurray due to the oil sands operation at the Athabasca Oil Sands; and compared the damage to Hiroshima after the atomic bomb. In a CBS interview he said, "The Indians up there and the native peoples are dying. The fuels all over - the fumes everywhere - you can smell it when you get to town." He added, "People are sick. People are dying of cancer because of this. All the First Nations people up there are threatened by this. Their food supply is wasted, their treaties are no good. They have the right to live on the land, like they always did, but there's no land left that they can live on. All the animals are dying."

Residents and a local DJ from Fort McMurray got real upset about their town being dissed, and Neil's music was banned from the Rock 97.9 station for a day. Read more on here.  (photo credit: Matthew Harris/CC)

Cajun Musician Drew Landry Sings "BP Blues" on C-Span at BP Gulf Oil Spill Committee Hearing

SEP 4, 2013 - Cajun musician Drew Landry has been very active in his community, ever since the BP Gulf Oil Spill disaster wreaked havoc on the health of humans, fish and their way of life in Louisiana back in 2010, and continues to harm them and disrupt their way of life. He wrote the song, "BP Blues" with proceeds helping out a non-profit that was helping to clean up the oil spill. In an article on he talks about balancing music and activism, and also talks about the spill saying, "...our fisheries haven't recovered and people are still sick. Some people died from that oil spill...I don't know if any amount of money could fix it." Drew's musical activism comes from his admiration of Woody Guthrie, and is also inspired he says by Lead Belly and Jimmie Rodgers. Watch the video of Drew testifying on C-Span at a committee meeting concerning the clean up of the oil spill below, and like all great activist musicians he uses his song "BP Blues" as his testimony. Must see!

Coalition for Smarter Growth Has Walking Tours in DC Area Showcasing "Smart Growth"

AUG 29, 2013 - Coalition for Smarter Growth, a great organization dedicated to sustainability and getting people out of their cars, is having "walking tours" showing how finally there is "smart growth" in urban areas where once it had been too car-centered and not respecting water runoff ramifications. For instance, in Tysons Corner, Virginia, so much ground was paved over that the roots of trees weren't filtering the water; and as a result the Chesapeake Bay gets polluted and silty. Also, no matter what people wanted to do in the area they HAD to use their car, and even going three blocks took 30 minutes. Now, there has been smarter planning to provide for correct water runoff, and more sidewalks and areas for pedestrians to walk. Check out this tour and others in the DC area, and check out the smart growth that has been happening in our area! 

Please visit for more information.


Book "Energy" Details Energy Predicament, Problems and Solutions

AUG 26, 2013 - JTMP has been wroking hard with Americans Against and others to fight Fracking, and this gave us a chance to check out the great new book "Energy" this weekend put out by the Post Carbon Institute and Watershed Media; and we are impressed by this coffee-table tome. The pictures are breathtaking and stunning, and the format and content of the book is top-notch and keeps you engaged and enraged; yet the writers do take the time to point towards a better future for us and the Earth when it comes to our energy needs.

The book cover is a horrific picture of the  burning and sinking Deepwater Horizon oil drilling platform that resulted in the great tragedy of the BP Gulf Oil Spill in 2011, and reminds us of the oil-addicted path we have charted and is causing so much destruction to our planet. It starts off with 25 pages of awe-inspiring high-resolution pictures that tell the state of things when it comes to energy extraction and the use of it, and how it is destroying the lands we live on as well as poisoning the air we breathe and the water we drink. In the next 4 parts, with various pieces from several writers, the book lays out the predicament we are in, what energy sources we are tapping into, the false solutions offered by the establishment and the energy companies, and calls out the unfortunate amount of wilderness that is under attack due to our insatiable appetite for energy and this unsustainable path we are on.

The book concludes with an optimist message, and how we can "depower destruction", and offers positive outlooks and solutions by several writers. It also talks about what they are "for" not just what they are against and end the book beautifully with this:

"What we're for is leaving behind the current energy economy, which is wasteful, polluting and centralized; assumes perpetual growth; and is anchored by nonrewable fuels. We envision a bold leaptoward an energy economy that fosters beauty and health; that is resilient because it emphasizes renewable, community-scale energy generation, that supports durable economies, not growth; and that is informed by nature's wisdom."

"Recognizing that all human econmic activity is a subject of nature's econmony and must not degrade ots vitality is the starting point for systemic transformation of the energy system. While such a transition may seem daunting, reforms may be implemented incrementally, and the destination offers exciting possiblities for building vibrant human communities embedded in healthy ecosystems."

JTMP reminds you that Fracking is a local state issue, and urges you to contact your state delegates, senators and your governor and tell them you want to turn away from this unsustainable carbon-based energy path we are on, and you want a brighter and better future for the Earth and our grandkids and you say NO TO FRACKING. If you are interested in the book "Energy", check out the book's page here, check out the Post Carbon Institute webpage here, check out pics of the book in higher resolution and leave a comment on the Justice Through Music Facebook page here. Calls on Obama to Ban Fracking On Public Lands Nationwide

AUG 24, 2013 - and tons of other groups held nationwide protests and rallies this week calling on President Barack Obama to ban the environmentally harmful practice of "Fracking", or hydraulic fracturing, on public lands across the nation. President Obama has unfortunately increased the licensing for drilling for natural gas on these public lands, nearly doubling it from 2010 to 2012. Fracking for natural gas releases methane, and methane is "at least 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas", and scientists have started calling Fracking a "gangplank to a warm future".

JTMP joins and all the organizations and activists in urging you to pressure President Barack Obama to ban Fracking nationwide. Please share this picture on Facebook, and be sure to stop by an "Like" our Justice Through Music Facebook Page and leave a comment!

14-year-old Girl Mops the Floor With Bully TV Host Over GMO Food

August 11, 2013 - For everyone concerned with GMO food, you must see this video. 14-year-old Rachel Parent debates the harmful practice of genetically modifying our food into Frankenfood with the bully TV host Kevin O'Leary, and mops the floor with him and demolishes his argument. Must see! Watch below, and start a conversation or leave a comment on our Justice Through Music Facebook Page.

Heavy Metal Thrash Band Thrashes Against Fracking

August 5, 2013 - The heavy metal thrash band Revocation is thrashing against Fracking on their new album. At Zoe Camp reviews the album and says the group puts "The Man" as public enemy #1 and sings against Fracking in their new song "Fracked". In the song they growl, "Carcinogenic chemicals injected, while while monoliths are quickly erected!" It's good to hear that even the thrash bands are singing against Fracking. Check out the Revocation Facebook Page here, and let us know what you think on our JTMP Facebook Page. (photo credit: Revocation) Listen to the hard-driving song "Fracked" below thanks to Theo Shroder on YouTube, but support the group if you can, especially since they are being active for a godd cause, anti-Fracking.

March Against Monsanto tomorrow and worldwide

May 24, 2013 - Hundreds of thousands of food activists, worried about the health effects of GMO crops and pesticides sprayed on our food, will be holding worldwide marches against Monsanto and GMO food tomorrow on Saturday, March 25, 2013. You can go HERE to find out a march near you that you can join. Marchers will be calling attention to Monsanto's very unethical practices of squeezing out the small family farms, genetically modifying our food into Frankenfood, and spraying our food with poisonous chemicals that is causing rampant diseases and probably even killing us slowly. They also want to bring attention to the fact Monsanto is trying to patent the seeds of our food supply, so then only private corporations control the food supply. Activists will also be calling on Congress to require labeling of GMO food, which most countries have already done, but is being blocked by Monsanto's lobbyists that have bought and sold the US Congress. JTMP asks any of our supporters that can make it please join one of these marches, for our food supply is very important. Also, contact both your state and federal Representative and Senators, and tell them you want GMO labeling on all our foods. Check out more info at the website, and check out their Facebook Page here. Watch this video below for more info, and how this march can and will change the world! See you Saturday!!

Solar Plug sticks on windows, get solar power anywhere you go!

MAY 23, 2013 - A green energy device company called Yanko Design has designed a cool new device that sticks to any window, and captures solar power from the sun, charges an internal battery, and allows you to plug in small devices to power or charge them. Check out their website here.