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14-year-old Girl Mops the Floor With Bully TV Host Over GMO Food

August 11, 2013 - For everyone concerned with GMO food, you must see this video. 14-year-old Rachel Parent debates the harmful practice of genetically modifying our food into Frankenfood with the bully TV host Kevin O'Leary, and mops the floor with him and demolishes his argument. Must see! Watch below, and start a conversation or leave a comment on our Justice Through Music Facebook Page.

Organic Consumers Association start petition calling on Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) to resign over Monsanto Protection Act

MAY 20, 2013 - The Organics Consumers Association, citing conflict of interest and corruption, have started a petition calling on Senator Roy Blunt from Missouri to resign over the recently passed "Monsanto Protection Act". They cite strong connections between the Senator and Monsanto, who is headquartered in the Senator's home state, and they also state Blunt's investments in his biotech firm have been rewarded handsomely after he helped pass the "The Monsanto Protection Act" (aka the "Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act 2013). They also detail how Senator Blunt has taken bribes, I mean contributions, from Monsanto throughtout the years. Blunt took in over $240,000 in bribes from Monsanto in 2010 alone. The Organic Consumers Association posted on their website, "Aptly renamed the Monsanto Protection Act, it’s a sneaky rider that strips federal courts of their power to stop Monsanto from planting unproven, potentially dangerous crops." JTMP urges our supporters to tell their public officials to protect small farmers and consumers, and to undo "The Monsanto Protection Act" with new legislation written with The People in mind, NOT Monsanto and other agricorp businesses.

Click here to read the full Organic Consumers Association petition and to sign on!

The Grocery Store Blacklist (12 Food Companies Using GMOs to Avoid)

APR 22, 2013 - Occupy Monsanto has a great article out with a list of the big 12 companies that are using GMO crops in the production of their food, for those of us who are boycotting Monsanto and are trying to ban GMO food or at least get it labeled. Currently, companies can switch from non-GMO to GMO and they do not have to change the labeling. The writer Daisy Luther also warns us that at anytime things can change, so pay very careful attention to what food you buy and eat. They also have a list of companies that we can still rely on that have not switched to Frankenfood...yet. Check out the great article over at our buddies at here.

Monsanto Found Guilty of Poisoning Farmer in France

FEB 22, 2012 - Food giant Monsanto was found guilty of poisoning a famer by French courts in Lyon, the damages to be established by a panel of experts. The farmer, Paul Francois, developed neurological problems such as memory loss and headaches after being exposed to Monsanto's toxic "Lasso weedkiller" in 2004. Monsanto's Lasso weedkiller was banned in the EU and France in 2007. This also paves the way for legislation for the current toxic pesticide Monsanto uses, their "Roundup" pesticide formula. Read more at here.

(Photo credit Cyril Cavalie on Flickr)