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Company Imagines "Green" Thorium Power Generator

By CR - Posted on 28 April 2014

A company, Laser Power Systems, has imagined and announced they are developing a remarkable new "green" power generator that uses thorium for energy, and the company says it has "UNLIMITED POWER", emissions-free and "totally green". They imagine small 5 kw generators, or huge ones that can produce megawatts. They can power planes, cars, and even spacecraft. Now, some people may say using a radioactive substance cannot be "green" and it is a valid argument, but thorium is seen by some to be "safer" than uranium. Thorium has less "non-fertile isotopes and some experts says is less prone to "meltdown". Although there are no emissions, there is the issue of disposing the waste properly. They are even trying to design some cool, futuristic-looking cars. See what you think by heading over to the Laser Power System's website, and start a discussion about this on the JTMP Facebook Page.