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February 22, 2013- Truthout: Forward on Climate: The Slightest Glimmer of Hope for the Planet

February 20, 2013- The Guardian: Keystone XL will have 'no impact on climate change', TransCanada boss says

February 18, 2013- Eco Watch: Confirmed: Tar Sands Toxic Liquid Waste Contaminating Local Waterways 

February 17, 2013- RAW Story: Thousands protest Keystone XL pipeline in D.C.

January 17, 2013- CBC News: John Kerry owns stock in Canadian pro-Keystone XL firms

July 28, 2012- Natural Society: Top 10 GMO Foods to Avoid

July 28, 2012- EcoWatch: 5,000 People Unite in DC to Protest Fracking

June 23, 2012- CBS News: GM grass linked to Texas cattle deaths

June 7, 2012- Yes! Magazine: Germany Swaps Nuclear for Solar and Wind Power

June 3, 2012- Bill Moyers.Com: On Climate Change, Money Trumps Common Sense

May 9, 2012- NY Times: Game Over for the Climate

May 8.2012- Huffington Post: Shocking New Oil Propaganda Plan to Fool Americans

April 16, 2012- USA Today: Ford to use all-electric car as NASCAR pace car

April 16, 2012- High Country News: The other Bakken boom: America's biggest oil rush brings tribal conflict

April 6, 2012- Huffington Post: 'Promised Land': Matt Damon's Fracking Film To Highlight Controversial Drilling Process

February 29, 2012- It's The Economy: 11 THINGS WE COULD BUY WITH 1 MONTH OF WAR FUNDING

February 21, 2012- Reuters: New York judge upholds fracking ban in towns

February 15, 2012- Alternet: A Plan to Save Us From Global Warming? Industry's Colossal Experiment With the Future of Civilization at Stake

February 1, 2012- Huffington Post: 'Gasland' Journalists Arrested At Hearing By Order Of House Republicans

January 27, 2012- Intercontinental Cry: Tibetan Villagers Halt Mining Project on Sacred Mountain

January 17, 2012- Clean Technica: HyperSolar’s Green Gas Makes Fracking Obsolete

December 23, 2011- Bloomberg: Fracking Opens Fissures Among States as Drillers Face Many Rules

December 14, 2011- Digital Journal: Fracking and investor-owned water utilities share the spoils

December 13, 2011- The Independent: Vast methane 'plumes' seen in Arctic ocean as sea ice retreats

December 10, 2011- ARS Technica: How the EPA linked "fracking" to contaminated well water

December 9, 2011- MSNBC: EPA: 'Fracking' likely polluted town's water

December 8, 2011- CBS News: EPA suspects fracking linked to pollution

December 5, 2011- The New Yorker: Burning Love

November 23, 2011- Huffington Post: EPA To Expand Federal Oversight Of Fracking Fluids

November 17, 2011- ABC News: Land Council calls for NT fracking moratorium

November 15, 2011- Energy Daily: US Government Confirms Link Between Earthquakes and Hydraulic Fracturing

November 10, 2011- New York Times: U.S. Delays Decision on Pipeline Until After Election  

November 10, 2011- RAW Story: Reports: Obama admin. delays tar sands decision until after election

November 6, 2011- New York Times: Here Comes the Sun

October 24, 2011- ReCharge: Gas is 'a threat, not a bridge' to renewables, experts warn

October 20, 2011- LA Times: Climate skeptic admits he was wrong to doubt global-warming data

September 16, 2011- The Globe and Mail: Pipeline to prosperity or channel to catastrophe?

September 16, 2011- NHK World: New fuel cell can supply 70% of household demand

September 14, 2011- Campaign for America's Future: The Phony Solyndra Solar Scandal

September 10, 2011- Truthout: Business as Usual Is Destroying America

September 8, 2011- Truthout: The Military Assault on Global Climate

September 7, 2011- Politico: Barbara Boxer: I hope greens sue President Obama

September 7, 2011- KCRA Sacramento: Obama OKs Largest Residential Solar Project 

August 31, 2011- Huffington Post: The Dirtiest Fuel on the Planet

August 19, 2011- Think Progress: Fox Viewers Overwhelmingly Think We Should Prepare For Alien Invasion Before Fighting Climate Change

August 18, 2011- Yes! Magazine: This Is Getting Exciting

August 8, 2011- RAW Story: Mystery fracking memo deepens Ohio drilling debate

July 27, 2011- Alternet: New Study Links Mountaintop Removal To 60,000 Additional Cancer Cases

July 14, 2011- Grist: Hacking for the planet

July 7, 2011- Reader Supported News: An Assault on Democracy

July 6, 2011- New York Magazine: Times Newsroom Mounts Defense of Fracking Coverage: Memo

July 5, 2011- Democracy Now: Montana Farmer Says Exxon Refuses to Admit Extent of Damage from Oil Spill Into Yellowstone River

July 4, 2011- Truthout: Listening to Life, Before It's Too Late: An Interview With Ellen LaConte

July 3, 2011- New York Times: Ruptured Pipeline Spills Oil Into Yellowstone River

July 1, 2011- Climate Story Tellers: Las Conchas Fire Woke Us Up—Let Us Now Stop The Plutonium Bomb Factory

July 1, 2011- Truthout: A Conversation With Eco-Outlaw Diane Wilson

July 1, 2011- Bloomberg: France Vote Outlaws ‘Fracking’ Shale for Natural Gas, Oil Extraction

June 30, 2011- Pro Publica: New York Proposes Permanent Ban on Fracking Near Watershed and State Land

June 29, 2011- MPN Now: Fracking foes applaud Phish concert promotion

June 29, 2011- Columbus Republic: Fracking gives Texas another oil boom, but at huge water cost

June 29, 2011- Colorado Independent: Frack off and dinosaur: The heart-warming tale of Talisman Terry

June 27, 2011- Salon: Dick Cheney's big fracking mess

June 27, 2011- Iowa Independent: Added flood protection at Nebraska nuclear plant fails

June 25, 2011- Scientific American: Is Karzai's Accusation That Coalition Forces Are Polluting Afghanistan with Nuclear Material Accurate or an Over-Reaction?

June 25, 2011- Huffington Post: Sportsmen Alliance for Marcellus Conservation: Fishermen, Hunters Take On Fracking

June 25, 2011- New York Times: Insiders Sound an Alarm Amid a Natural Gas Rush

June 24, 2011- Huffington Post: Fracking Pollution: Wells Found Contaminated Near Bradford County, Pennsylvania Natural Gas Blowout

June 23, 2011- Grist: Congress about to let agribiz get liberal—with pesticides

June 23, 2011- Earthworks: Nuclear Power's Other Tragedy

June 23, 2011- UPI: Shale gas deal in Canada dissolves

June 22, 2011- Grist: Texas’ fracking disclosure law has huge omissions

June 21, 2011- CREW: CREW Files Ethics Complaint Against Senator David Vitter

June 21, 2011- AP: Radioactive tritium leaks found at 48 US nuke sites 

June 20, 2011- Pro Publica: Critics Find Gaps in State Laws to Disclose Hydrofracking Chemicals

June 20, 2011- Pro Publica: U.S. Nuclear Regulator Faces Fresh Scrutiny for Bending Safety Standards

June 20, 2011- Earthworks EarthBlog: Frack sand mining doesn't just suck, it blows 

June 17, 2011- Huffington Post: Department Of Energy Makes $150M Bet On Solar Tech

June 16, 2011- Truthout: "Merchants of Doubt": How a Handful of Scientists Obscured the Truth on Issues From Tobacco Smoke to Global Warming

June 10, 2011- National Catholic Reporter: Documentary exposes America's big dirty secret

June 6, 2011- Think Progress: REPORT: How The Kochs Built An Oil Speculation Empire

June 2, 2011- Bloomberg: Subaru of Indiana, America's Scrappiest Carmaker 

May 27, 2011- Buzzflash: Is Fukushima Now Ten Chernobyls Into the Sea?

May 25, 2011- Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Pennsylvania clergy attack mercury pollution

May 25, 2011- The Energy Collective: Why 60 MPG Can Be as Standard as Catalytic Converters, Airbags, and Seatbelts

May 24, 2011- Huffington Post: Ted Turner Says Coal, Oil Industries Need 'A Good A** Kicking' 

May 23, 2011- Washington Post: Op-Ed: A link between climate change and Joplin tornadoes? Never!

May 23, 2011- Asia-Pacific Journal: What Price the Fukushima Meltdown? Comparing Chernobyl and Fukushima

May 22, 2011- Clean Technica: First Large Scale 24/7 Solar Power Plant to be Constructed in U.S

May 22, 2011- OpEd News: How the Koch Brothers Mess With the Texas Environment 

May 19, 2011- Forbes: Obama administration grants $737 million for a 24/7 solar power plant

May 17, 2011- Pro Publica: PA Officials Issue Largest Fine Ever to Gas Driller

May 13, 2011- Wheeling News-Register: Area Residents Check Out ‘Fracking Facts’ at Library

May 12, 2011- Huffington Post: Natural Gas Revolution Is Overblown, Study Says

May 12, 2011- Nature News: United States investigates fracking safety

May 10, 2011- RAW Story: Study finds methane in water near hydro-fracking

May 9, 2011- Nature News: Methane threat to drinking water

May 9, 2011- Pro Publica: Scientific Study Links Flammable Drinking Water to Fracking

May 8, 2011- Pittsburg Post-Gazette: State's laws offer little shale drilling protection to archaeological sites\

April 26, 2011- Solve Climate News: Number-Crunching the Footprint of a Gas Fracking Boom, Forest by Forest

April 25, 2011- Solve Climate News: Fracking's Environmental Footprint to Transform Pennsylvania Landscape

April 25, 2011- Labor Network for Sustainability: Citing Jobs and Environment, More Unions Backing EPA 

April 23, 2011- NY Times: Resistance to Gas Drilling Rises on Unlikely Soil

April 22, 2011- Yes! Magazine: Power Shift: How the Youth Climate Movement is Changing the Game

April 22, 2011- Buzzflash: Planet Earth: Don't Expect the Corporations to Give a Damn. Their Only Goal is Increased Profitablity, At Any Cost.

April 22, 2011- Earth Day Network aims for billion acts of green 

April 21, 2011- Yes! Magazine: The Law of Mother Earth: Behind Bolivia’s Historic Bill

April 20, 2011- The Energy Collective: Pennsylvania Natural Gas Blowout Spills Thousands of Gallons of Toxic Wastewater into Local Community

April 20, 2011- Ithaca Journal: Anti-fracking concert set for Binghamton

April 19, 2011- Mother Jones: 10 Reasons to Still Be Pissed Off About the BP Disaster

April 18, 2011- Solve Climate News: Tiny Pennsylvania Land Trust Is Tempted by Marcellus Shale Gas Riches

April 14, 2011- LA Times: Op-Ed: The best remedy for the price of gas

April 4, 2011- Pro Publica: Deteriorating Oil and Gas Wells Threaten Drinking Water, Homes Across the Country

March 31, 2011- Think Progress: Report: Koch Industries outspends Exxon Mobil on climate and clean energy disinformation