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"Paradise-Keystone Pipeline" by the Keystone Pipeline Kops Calls for Massive Protest and Petition Against Keystone XL Pipeline sticky icon

APR 2013 - To protest the Keystone XL Pipeline and Fracking, the Keystone Pipeline Kops have come together and say "Halt!" to the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline, and recorded John Prine's great classic, "Paradise", with the lyrics updated for the times. We wanted the song to connect the trips to the outdoors we had as a child, and how we came to love the outdoors and become environmental activists to protect the rivers and woodlands we love so much. Because of the inevitable oil spills and the loss of wildlife and woodlands, as well as our air and water being poisoned, this song calls for a massive protest against the Keystone XL Pipeline and the dirty practice of Fracking. Check out the song below, and sign the JTMP petition on calling on President Obama to stop the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. We are looking for 100,000 signatures, and then we will start a White House petition, so please sign today!

JTMP Joins "Americans Against Fracking" sticky icon

DEC 10 - JTMP is excited to announce we have joined up with a great organization called "Americans Against Fracking", joing dozens of other organizations and millions of grassroots American activists dedicated to stopping the environmentally harmful practice of hydraulic fracturing for natural gas, or "fracking". We believe the practice of fracking poses an immediate threat to our natural resources, and we want to preserve our precious natural resources such as air, water, and land for future generations.

JTMP has been working hard on this issue, check out our "No Freaking Fracking" Facebook site, and watch our musical activist video "Freakin Frackin" below. We don't believe regulation will solve the problem, we support efforts at the state level to halt and ban the practice of fracking and ask you to join the efforts. If you want to find out more and join us, check out here.

Plant "Plastics" Packaging?

MAY 3, 2014 - When I got up this morning to make my Quaker Oats oatmeal breakfast, I was pleasantly surprised to see that that the "plastic" seal that I had to remove to open the package was actually made of plants! The new sealing material, that is totally non-toxic and biodegradeable, has been developed by the company Nature Works LLC and has been branded as "Ingeo". Quaker Oats plans to use it on their Aunt Jemima syrup bottles soon. The film is not made from petroleum, but actually made from dextrose, a sugar. It can be developed from current field corn stock, and the company says they use only .05% of the annual global corn food supply, so there is very little impact on using corn as the raw material. They also say it can be made from any form of plant sugar, from beets to wheat. The company EarthFirst has developed the "plastic" sealing film for packaging in the US and has teamed up with major food manafacturers, and you should see them on much of your packaging soon. This is good news, and will mean less plastic created and used, and less plastic going into our landfills. It also is carbon-nuetral. JTMP urges our supporters to contact all the manafacturers they purchase from and urge them to switch to biodegradeable films like this one to seal their packaging, and I recommend supporting Quaker Oatmeal and others who have already started using it in their efforts to be more "Green". To find out about more products using Ingeo, check out the Ingeo Newsletter here.

"Greenest State of the World" Vatican to Hold Workshop on Sustainable Living

APR 28, 2014 - The Pontifical Academy of Sciences will be holding a 5 day workshop on examining the impact humans have had on nature and exploring ways humans can live in a more sustainable manner. Are humanity's dealings with Nature sustainable? What is the status of the Human Person in a world where science predominates? This is exciting that such a huge entity is getting behind the sustainable movement, and should be applauded. The Vatican is actually very green, and they plan on building Europe's largest solar power plant and was named "Greenest State of the World" by Inhabitat. Dr. Jeffrey Sachs of the Earth Institute will be attending along with many others. Read a great article about the whole workshop on the Vatican's website.

Company Imagines "Green" Thorium Power Generator

A company, Laser Power Systems, has imagined and announced they are developing a remarkable new "green" power generator that uses thorium for energy, and the company says it has "UNLIMITED POWER", emissions-free and "totally green". They imagine small 5 kw generators, or huge ones that can produce megawatts. They can power planes, cars, and even spacecraft. Now, some people may say using a radioactive substance cannot be "green" and it is a valid argument, but thorium is seen by some to be "safer" than uranium. Thorium has less "non-fertile isotopes and some experts says is less prone to "meltdown". Although there are no emissions, there is the issue of disposing the waste properly. They are even trying to design some cool, futuristic-looking cars. See what you think by heading over to the Laser Power System's website, and start a discussion about this on the JTMP Facebook Page. 

Emergency Nationwide Vigils to Protest Keystone XL

FEB 3, 2014 - President Obama now has the industry fabricated US State Department report on the environmental impact of the Keystone XL Pipeline, which lies and says the impact will be "minimal" (who's "minimum" are they using?), and the environmental activist community holds its collective breath while it awaits President Obama's decison which will come in the next three months. Code Pink, and tons of other environmental protection organizations and activists are spanning out across North America tonight to start the Nationwide Vigils to Protest Keystone XL

We urge our supporters to make your voice heard and attend one of the vigils, and also we would like to point out that the State Department is taking comments from the public from Feb. 5, 2014 to March 7, 2014, so please if you want to make a difference and stop the Keystone XL Pipeline, take a few minutes and participate and leave a comment on the website or write a letter to the State Department. Then sign JTMP's petition to President Barack Obama calling on him to stop the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Hemp Used For Sustainable Housing

JAN 10, 2014 - Scotland has begun a sustainable housing project, and the main building material they will use is hemp. No, not your stash of Master Kush, but the industrial fiber cousin of marijuana, hemp. Hemp has been used for thousands of years as paper, rope, clothing and more; and was even used by the American government during World War II when the raw materials for textiles dried up. The sustainable material houses in Scotland will be built of a prefabricated wall system called Hembuild, it is also called Hemcrete, which is a mixture of the woody core from the hemp plant and a lime-based binder. Read more on here.

Ford Introduces Solar-Powered Hybrid Concept Car

JAN 2, 2014 - Happy New Year everyone, and to start off 2014 I thought I would share an amzing story I ran across. Ford is introducing a solar-powered concept car called the "Solar Energi" at the Consumer Electronics Show on January 7, 2014 in Las Vegas. This line is actually an extension of their C-Max Energi car line of hybrid cars, and if it goes well it will go into mass production. It will have a range of 620 miles, including 21 electic only miles. The solar cells also shift position throughout the day to maximize charging. Read about the cool concept car on  (photo credit: Ford via

Russians Charge Greenpeace Activists With Hooliganism

OCT 24, 2013 - JTMP has blogged extensively on the punk rock band Pussy Riot, and how they got charged by Russian authorities with "hooliganism" for their free speech action. Last week we also blogged about how Greenpeace activists peacefully protested oil drilling  in the Barents Sea by attempting to non-violently occupy an oil drilling plarform; and how the next day their ship was boarded and they got arrested and charged with piracy, and were facing 15 years in prison. The Russian Investigative Committee has now changed the charge to the 30 Greenpeace activists to "hooligainism", the same law they used against the women artists of the band Pussy Riot. Greenpeace is very concerned about their 30 members that have been detained by Russian authorities, and are fighting a rigorous defense to free the "Arctic 30" as they are now being called. 

In a statement Greenpeace said, "The Arctic 30 are no more hooligans than they were pirates.This is still a wildly disproportionate charge that carries up to seven years in jail. It represents an assault on the very principle of peaceful protest." They added, "We will contest the trumped up charge of hooliganism as strongly as we contested the priacy allegations." They also spoke about the rumor that the Russian Investigative Committee might also charge some of the activists with using force against officials, but Greenpeace fiercely denies that saying, "Greenpeace has a 42 year history of entirely peaceful activism, it is a cheap libel to accuse campaigners of doing anything other than protesting peacefuly, they arrived at the the oil rig in a ship painted with a dove and a rainbow. Our ship was siezed by men with knives and guns, while the Arctic 30 raised their arms. They should be released immediately."

To find out more check out the Greenpeace website here.

Boston Globe: Wind Power Now Competitive With Conventional Sources

SEP 25, 2013 - Erin Ailworth of Boston Globe is reporting that Massachusett's utilities have just signed a contract to purchase wind-generated electricity, and the prices will be much lower than conventional sources such as coal. The price of wind-generated energy is now very competitive, and Massachusett's customers will save 75 cents on every dollar. The wind will be generated on wind farms in Maine and New Hampshire, and utilities National Grid, Northeast Utilities, and Unitil Corp. will be purchasing up to 565 megawatts of power. This is truly great news and a "wow" moment. Read more on here.  (photo credit: Leaflet/CC)