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How Is Obamacare Affecting Musicians?

Most Musicians Have Always Gone Without Health Insurance JAN 28, 2015 –  Up till now, most musicians have always just gone without health insurance, because individual health insurance plans were very expensive. Like many Americans, they would use the emergency rooms, which is of course more expensive and drives up healthcare costs. The Affordable Care […]

Dropkick Murphys to Scott Walker: “Please Stop Using Our Music In Any Way!”

Pro-Union Boston band wants union-busting thug Scott Walker to stop playing “I’m Shipping Up to Boston” JAN 26, 2015 – The pro-union band from bean town, Dropkick Murphys, found out that the Governor Scott Walker was playing their version of the Woody Guthrie song, “I’m Shipping up to Boston” at his rallies, and naturally got […]

JTMP YouTube Channel Hits 2 Million Views!

  150+ VIDEOS BRING IN OVER 1,000 SUBSCRIBERS OCT 23, 2014 – JTMP has always relied heavily on video media through the years to urge young people to vote, raise awareness on issues, and hopefully inspire activism and positive action in the community. We have been at it since the early days of YouTube, when all we […]

Chilean Ex-Army Officers Indicted in Cover Up of Folk Singer Victor Jara’s Murder

MUSICAL-ACTIVIST WAS BIG PART OF NUEVA CANCION MUSICAL REVOLUTION OCT 20, 2014 – Almost 40 years after the death of Chilean folk singer Victor Jara, three Chilean ex-army officers have been indicted in the cover up of the murder of the musical-activist. Victor Jara’s songs and lyrics played a huge role in the Nueva Cancion musical […]


ORG TELLS DANCERS: “DO NOT SELF SUBMIT!” Dancers’ Alliance, an organization that seeks to strengthen unions and look after the economic rights of their fellow music video dancers, has launched a “DO NOT SELF SUBMIT” campaign aimed at educating and empowering music video dancers about their economic power and rights. Dancers’ Alliance wants to let dancers be aware […]