Merle Haggard’s Marijuana Strains Coming Out

Songwriter Regrets Writing “Okie” Disparaging Marijuana Use SEP 16, 2016 – The “working man’s musician” and American music icon Merle Haggard right before his death was working with a Colorado company to put out a number of medical cannabis ‘strains’, and his wife has announced she will continue the work and release several varieties designed around what…


Ukrainian War Song: Lviv activists coming up with unique musical project – Video!

Songs written by soldiers fighting on the frontline in eastern Ukraine SEP 7, 2016 – From Ukraine Today: “The social art project War Songs (in Ukrainian #ПісніВійни) is a large-scale public initiative, which aims to find and professionally record songs created by Ukrainian soldiers who have fought and are still fighting on the frontline in the Donbas…


This Music Video Captures The Current Political Discourse All Too Well

DJ Shadow’s name perfectly describes his relation to the music industry. He’s out there, you’ve heard his music, but you might not have noticed. Well, you will notice this. “Nobody Speak” (from his new album “The Mountain Will Fall”) is a particularly timely track given the current political climate. The lyrics, by rap duo Run…


Babefest 2016 brings music, comedy to politics

Friday August 26th at 8pm you best get yourself to the first inaugural launching of BabeFest at Babeville, (Asbury Hall, 341 Delaware Ave., Buffalo). Ani DiFranco will be returning, to headline this must-be-there event. In what has become a critically important presidential election year, this festival of music, comedy and social activism spawned organically out…


Big Daddy Kane on music, politics and the secret to a long career

Big Daddy Kane had his first big hit  in 1987 when he did a rap single with Biz Markie, “Just Rhymin’ with Biz“.   He was soon headlining on his own music and the rest is history. Kane sat down with host James Peterson to discuss everything from rappers he admires, to the presidential campaign,…


Toby Keith, on everything from politics to Swift-ian economics

Last month, 23 years after Toby Keith landed his first hit, “Should’ve Been a Cowboy,” one of the biggest country songs of the 1990s, he released its unofficial sequel, “A Few More Cowboys.” Keith, 55, was wrapping up production on an as-yet-unscheduled new album, and “I just grabbed the first thing that sounded like a…


Streisand returns to Chicago solo, and she sure can deliver a song

Nearly four years ago, when Barbra Streisand last played Chicago’s United Center, she duetted with three teenage tenors, a saxophonist and her son, Jason Gould. This time, she soloed. Turns out, Streisand doesn’t need any help to captivate a crowd, which she did Tuesday as part of “Barbra: The Music … The Mem’ries … The…


In these times, Groban thinks of music as respite

It’s probably for the best if Donald Trump keeps his hands off Josh Groban’s version of the song “You Raise Me Up.” And just to be safe, Hillary Clinton should ask Groban’s permission before she uses “You Are Loved.” Groban has opinions about this year’s presidential election as well as opinions about the right time…

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