For Progressives Thinking About the Election

As the U.S. election season proceeds, there is controversy, confusion, consternation, and sometimes recrimination. Below, in a question and answer format, we present our views on these matters, hoping to contribute to the discussion. 1. Who are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton? Trump is a narcissistic, violent, lying, racist, misogynistic, ultra-nationalist bully. He says whatever…


America has a judicial vacancy crisis. Congress, get to work!

After several more unproductive months, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) seem more committed to obstruction and dysfunction in the U.S. Senate than doing their jobs. That’s why they must be told that enough is enough: #DoYourJob. Obstruction of nominees to the federal judiciary has become common practice. Vacancies,…


MSNBC: How Broadway is Responding to to 2016

VIDEO: Jujamcyn Theater President Jordan Roth joins Morning Joe to discuss how Broadway is responding to the social and political climate of 2016 AUG 2016 – MSNBC has a good clip up about how Broadway is responding to the 2016 crazy election. Watch the very interesting clip at the link below.


Carmelo Anthony Talks About Activism, Police Violence

Carmelo Anthony never anticipated how one Instagram post would make him into the NBA’s strongest activist. It was deep into the morning hours the night of the Dallas police shootings and Anthony was glued to his television. A day earlier, Philando Castile was fatally shot by a police officer in suburban St. Paul, Minnesota. The…


Young Sanders and Clinton supporters say armchair activism won’t work

Bernie Sanders had a large amount of support in the Lone Star State during his run for the Democratic presidential nomination. Many of his supporters are part of the Texas delegation at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this week. Around a third of the Texas pledged delegates are Sanders supporters. The national convention began with…


Sufi Musician Amjad Sabri Killed

Popular Pakistan Musician Gunned Down June 23, 2016 – Amjad Sabri, a practicer of the Sufi devotional music Qawwali, was gunned down and killed yesterday by religious nuts. Read more on CNN below. JTMP condemns this brutal murder. Watch a video below of Amjad performing.


“No More Lines” Rises From Refugee Camps

June 20, 2016 – An anthem “No More Lines” has arisen from the refugee camps across Greece. The BORDERLESS TEAM of guitarist/singer Stephen Said and producers Anushay Said and Rory O’ Connor told us about their great video in an email, and we knew we had to get this up; watch the video below. The BORDERLESS…


JTMP Attends DC National Cannabis Festival

420 Event Brings Music, Education, Advocacy and Entrepreneurs Together APR 24, 2016 – JTMP attended the first annual National Cannabis Festival here in DC that brought cannabis activists and entrepreneurs together for a day of music, education, advocacy, munchies and 420 fun. It was held in DC, for DC is setting the tone for the East…


JTMP Calls for These Musicians to Boycott North Carolina

All Musicians Should Join Bruce Springsteen and Protest Discrimination APR 13, 2016 – JTMP supports Bruce Springsteen in his boycott of North Carolina against SB-2, the law that allows discrimination against the transgender community and does not respect their right to live freely, and to choose restroom or other facilities that they are comfortable with….

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