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Directed by Alan Ferguson, the band went to New Orleans and shows from the eyes of a family the ordeal they are going through following the natural disaster.

"It's about a dangerous time in civilization, the end of life," says vocalist-guitarist Tim McIlrath about 'Endgame,' Rise Against's sixth studio album. "What if the world we created is a place that is so unnatural and ugly that it needs to come to an end, so that we could have a world that is better for everybody? It sounds very Utopian, but it's not about a perfect place. Maybe some of these things we're doing, they need to come to an end."

The band said in a statement, "As a band, we opted out of being a part of the piece for fear our role might diminish the importance of this video and skew its reception. What follows is another video we are proud to put our name on."

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