Glenn Campbell’s Swan Song

SINGS “I’M STILL HERE!” IN TOUCHING MUSIC VIDEO OCT 15, 2014 – Glenn Campbell, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, is a focus of a new documentary film, “I’ll Be Me”. The film focuses on his farewell tour and how he had to use a teleprompter to remember all his lines. Glenn also recorded and…


Lewis Black Helps ACLU Fight Voter Suppression

OCT 12, 2014 – Comedian-Activist Says “Fuck Voter Suppression!” in hilarious new video. This is part of the American Civil Liberties Union campaign that is fighting voter suppression laws that conservatives have been quietly enacting in the background, as they stack the state governorships and the state supreme courts with their corporate shills. Watch the hilarious…


Rush Auctions Memorabilia for Charity

GEDDY, ALEX AND NEIL HELP GRAPES FOR HUMANITY AND SUDANESE CHILDREN   OCT 8, 2014 – The best rock group in the galaxy, RUSH, is teaming up with Grapes for Humanity and auctioning off some signed memorabilia on eBay. Grapes for Humanity Canada helps those less fortunate, and works on a number of issues such as poverty and…

Photo credit: Photo.Unian.net

Ukrainian Art Exhibition Displays “Dedication to Maidan”

ART EXHIBITION IN KIEV DISPLAYS REVOLUTION AND PASSION OCT 7, 2014 – An art exhibit displaying “The fire of love. Dedication to Maidan.” is on display in Kiev, showcasing some the best Ukrainian artists and showing in art and expression their undying support for the freedom movement in Ukraine. Check out the prints on Photo.unian.net here: http://photo.unian.net/eng/themes/46278/  (Photo credits:…

Paul Rever in 1977. Credit: Kepgeek/CC

1960s Rocker Paul Revere Passes

Keyboardist Led Paul Revere & the Raiders OCT 6, 2014 – Paul Revere who led the 1960s rock group Paul Revere and the Raiders passed away at his home in Idaho yesterday. Paul Revere played the keyboards, and especially the electronic organ, and it was the driving force on their huge 1971 hit song, “Indian Reservation…

Photo credit: DCLibrary.org

DC LIbrary Creates Punk Rock Archive

SPECIAL COLLECTION WILL PRESERVE DC’S PUNK HISTORY OCT 1, 2014 – In order to collect, preserve and to provide access for citizens to primary source materials that document the local punk rock history unique to DC, the DC Library has established a Special Collections to gather artifacts, documents, recordings and more. Local activist James Schneider has…

DC's new App that makes it easier for a citizen to VOTE!

DC Board of Elections Gets Mobile App

DC Government Strives to Make it Easier to Vote SEP 28, 2014 – I was perusing the DC government website, and I discovered that the DC Board of Elections has embraced smartphones and Apps to make it easier for DC citizens to not only get city services, but also to vote. The new App called…

Credit: LuxTonnerre/CC

Alicia Keyes Ramps Up Her Activism

Musician-Activist Asks Why Are We Here? SEP 26, 2014 – Being moved by events in the world and expecting her first child, musician Alicia Keyes was sitting around with friends and realized nobody had asked themselves the question, “Why are we here?”. Being motivated she did what most activist-musicians did, they worked it out in a song…

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