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Je Suis Paris

Yahoo: Foo Fighters, U2 Have to Cancel European Tours Facebook adds French Flag as Option for Profile Pictures (photo credit: Reuters):  


Holomodor Genocide Memorial Unveiled in Washington, DC

Stalin Regime in 1932-33 Murdered Millions in Ukraine Through Forced Starvation NOV 9, 2015 – A new memorial was unveiled in Washington, DC this weekend that is dedicated to the millions who died in the Ukrainian Holomodor Genocide that happened in 1932-33 in Ukraine. Joseph Stalin’s regime, through a forced starvation campaign, seized wheat and land…

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President Obama Wants to “Ban The Box”

White House Announces New Actions to Help the Formerly-Incarcerated NOV 3, 2015 – President Obama announced yesterday that he is taking measures to help the formerly-incacerated reintegrate back into society, such as “banning the box” on federal job applications (check here if you have been incarcerated before), grants for education, tech training, housing assistance and sealing…


NYMag: Behind Willie’s Marijuana Strain “Willie’s Reserve”

Musical-Activist Wants to Protect Cannabis from “Big Pot” NOV 2, 2015 – Avid cannabis smoker and musical-activist Willie Nelson told, “I’ve smoked enough and I want to give back”, in a great behind-the-scenes interview of Willie’s cannabis strain “Willie’s Resereve” and how it all came about. Here is an excerpt: “The first thing you…

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Ukrainian Bands Piano Boy & Boombox Unite For UNICEF

Musicians Joined Global Campaign #Imagine NOV 2, 2015 – Musicians for the Ukrainian Bands Piano Boy and Boombox,  Andriy Khlyvnyuk and Dmytro Shurov, joined the UNICEF global campaign #IMAGINE and will record John Lennon’s classic “Imagine” and dedicate it to Ukrainian children. The #IMAGINE campaign “aims to draw attention to the tremendous challenges children face worldwide”. So…


Roger Waters Tells RS He Supports Bernie Sanders

Musical-Activist Says Hillary Clinton “Will drop a fucking nuclear bomb on somebody.” OCT 26, 2015 – Roger Waters, the brain behind Pink Floyd, has been speaking out politically a lot these days with several memes on Facebook always updating us on his latest statements. In an interview with Andy Greene of Rolling Stone, he comes out in full-fledged…

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