Tim McGraw to Play Benefit Show for Sandy Hook Promise

Billy Currington Chickens Out and Pulls Out After Pressure From Gun Nuts April 18, 2015 – Tim McGraw will be playing a benefit show for the non-profit Sandy Hook Promise that educates the public on gun safety and mental illness, after the terrible Sandy Hook Massacre where a sicko shredded 23 children with a military-type…


Social Media Drives Iran Leaders to Work With Negotiators

Iranian People Tired of Hospitals Closing April 3, 2015 – Lost somewhat in the shuffle of the Iranian nuclear deal negotiations, is the role social media and grassroots pressure by normal Iranians that some feel forced Iranian leaders to work with the International community and accept a deal where nuclear weapons are not produced by…


Miley Cyrus Calls Gov. Mike Pence “A–hole” for Signing SB 101

Musician-Activist Uses Instagram to Attack Indiana “License To Discriminate” Law March 31, 2015 – Miley Cyrus came out on her Instagram account and laid into Indiana Gov. Mike Pence for signing the hateful, “License To Discriminate” SB 101 law, calling him an “a–hole” and an “idiot”, and we at JTMP totally agree with her and…

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