Park Ranger Bobby Fulcher Saves Mountain Music

THOUSANDS OF LYRIC SHEETS, PHOTOGRAPHS AND RECORDINGS PRESERVED FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS In another one of our installments of “Cool Things the Government and Government Employees Can Do” (along with the Marshall Plan and the TVA), Tennessee Park Ranger Bobby Fulcher has made it his mission to collect, assemble, and preserve Appalachian Mountain Music artifacts and…


MAPS.ORG Marks Medical Marijuana Research Month

Psychedelic Study Group Wants Research Into Using Cannabis to Treat Vets Suffering From PTSD NOV 7, 2014 – MAPS, which stands for Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, is marking Medical Marijuana Research Month by focusing their attention on calling for research into using medical cannabis to treat PTSD, specifically in Veterans. MAPS has been around since 1986, and…


Father Wants Daughter Who Passed to Become Famous

GRIEVING FATHER POSTS VIDEO OF 13-YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER PLAYING PIANO IN HOPES IT WILL “GO VIRAL” NOV 7, 2014 – Anna van Keulen was like many 13-year-old girls, and hopped on her bike one day to ride around. She never came back home. Her parents lost her (car accident) one day, and had to deal with an…

Polystyrene foam "clamshell" food container - Credit: Thomas Yuan/CC

JTMP Says Ban The Foam!

POLYSTYRENE FOAM CLAMSHELL FOOD CONTAINERS POISON OUR WATER SYSTEMS NOV 2, 2014 – The picture above may look familiar and appealing, but here is where most of those clamshell food containers end up, in our waterways: Polystyrene foam food containers also leech benzene and styrene into your hot food, and they are slowly poisoning you. JTMP calls…

Jack Bruce - Credit: Christian Sahm / CC

Bassist Jack Bruce Passes

OCT 27, 2014 – The music world and JTMP are mourning over the loss of a music legend, bassist Jack Bruce. Jack was of course known for 1/3 of the revolutionary and groundbreaking music from the group Cream, along with Ginger Baker on drums and Slowhand, Eric Clapton, on guitar. In 1966 Eric and Ginger…

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