Aztec Activist-Rapper in Colorado Guards Mother Earth

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez Uses His Art and the Courts to Fight Global Climate Change July 20, 2015 – Colorado rapper-activist Xiuhtezcatl Martinez is one of the leading young artists out there guarding Mother Earth from pollution, from speaking about global climate change at the UN, to using his art to make people aware of how we are…

Credit: JTMP.org - Lorton Federal Prison

President Obama on Tour to Overhaul Federal “Injustice System”

Obama Commutes Sentences, Gives NAACP Speech, and Will Visit Federal Prison July 15, 2015 – President Obama launched a tour this week to address America’s federal courts and prison system, even calling it an “injustice system”. President Obama wants us to completely overhaul our federal courts and prisons, and get rid of mandatory minimum sentencing…


Taylor Swift Tickets Used For Political Fundraising

July 13, 2015 – Taylor Swift’s tickets are so popular, they are even being used as political fundraising prizes.   US Representatives, both Democrat and Republican, are using access to their “private boxes” for the upcoming Taylor Swift concert at the Nationals stadium to get people to donate to their campaigns. Taylor Swift is involved heavily in…

March 25, 1965: Mississippi Highway Patrolmen watch marchers arrive in Montgomery from Selma.

The Flag Comes Down

Cheers Erupt as Symbol of Hatred Finally Removed July 10 2015 – It took 23 days, almost light speed when it comes to this issue down in the South but the “Confederate battle flag”, a symbol of divisiveness and hatred, has finally come down from the grounds of South Carolina’s state grounds. Read more about the crowd…

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